About Us

Pretty Girl Athletics is the premier clothing line for young female athletes aged 10-24. Established in 2019, PGA was created to fill a void in athletics wear that seemed to have forgotten young females. Our founder, Jada Amour, a 14-year-old female athlete herself, understands all too well the struggles that she, her teammates, and young women everywhere face each time they enter the gym or step out on the field. As a competitive gymnast when she was younger and a powerhouse softball player today, Jada was always searching for athletic wear that was functional, comfortable, and still pretty and fashionable. Continually feeling disappointed in what was available, Jada decided to solve the problem herself and create a clothing line that empowers young female athletes and helps boost their self-confidence like no other sportswear can.

With the unique and firsthand insights of Jada, Pretty Girl Athletics has designed a complete clothing line that meets the needs of a competitive athlete but is also comfortable and stylish. With PGA, young female athletes no longer need to sacrifice looking good to have dynamic and supportive activewear. When you’re wearing PGA, you get the best of both worlds – the perfect athletics wear that pushes you to succeed and styles that embrace your femininity and give you the selfconfidence to be fearless.

Not only does Pretty Girl Athletics strive to create the ideal clothing line for young female athletes, but we also want our brand to help create a community where every girl knows her value, strength, and power regardless of her race or how the world may choose to define her. Just as Jada felt empowered to create PGA, we want every girl to feel empowered to succeed as young female athletes, and as the fierce, unstoppable women they will become.

Pretty Girl Athletics – empowering girls and women to change the style of the game!