Why Behira Seamless is the Best Option to Crush Your Workout

Why Behira Seamless is the Best Option to Crush Your Workout

Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading to practice, you need workout gear that fits your body, your lifestyle, and your fashion sense.
Well, for the spring and summer of 2020, you’re in luck because Pretty Girl Athletics just launched a brand new line--the Behira Collection.
Behira means “shining bright” in Hebrew, so you’re sure to stand out in the best way possible with these drool-worthy designs. But they’re not just cute--they also perform the way you need them to. Here are four reasons Pretty Girl Athletics’ Behira collection is the gear you need to crush your workout.

Why You Need the Behira Seamless this Spring/Summer

Designed For Your Body
Fourteen-year-old female athlete Jada Amour founded Pretty Girl Athletics. After struggling to find activewear clothes made for teens, she made a line of activewear for girls just like her.
Jada designs her collections, so there’s no bunching fabric or uncomfortable cuts. The Behira collection features a sports bra that has a smooth closure, so you never have to struggle to get your bra off after an active day. Jada also designed the bras with wide cushion straps, so everything stays in place. No need for adjustments!

They’re Squat Proof!
Is there anything worse than worrying that your leggings are see-through while you’re trying to crush your workout?

Safe to say that our leggings are soft like butter with thick material that is entirely squat proof. You can say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions because these leggings include high-tech compression fabric with a 360° stretch. So whether you’re running, jumping, or squatting, you’ll never have to worry about see-through leggings.

They Keep You Cool
Made of a proprietary blend of spandex and nylon, the Behira collection sports bras and leggings will keep you cool and dry for your whole workout. Plus, the chaff-free fabric encourages moisture-wicking and minimizes sweat stains.


They Keep Their Shape
You know how some leggings and sports bras feel great the first time you wear them, but after a few washes, they start to sag and bunch in all the wrong places?

Well, the Behira collection has a seamless and wireless design that provides the perfect amount of compression and prevents the material from stretching out down the line. A bonus of this material is that it supports your muscles during your workout while creating a flattering shape on your body.

Check Out the Rest of the Behira Collection
Whether you’re hitting the gym or hitting the couch, the Behira collection is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Each piece was engineered for athletes like you and is guaranteed to take your workout to the next level.

Are you looking for more? Don’t worry, our Behira collection also has crop tops and workout accessories, including triple-layered face masks, so even COVID cant cramp your style.

Check out the rest of the collection here.