EM Speed & Power Training Teams up With Pretty Girl Athletics to Empower Girls

EM Speed & Power Training Teams up With Pretty Girl Athletics to Empower Girls

From the soccer field to the gym floor, the world of sports and training is dominated by men. Don’t get us wrong; we know that there are many feminist male athletes out there who are very vocal about their beliefs.

 However, empowering female athletes and fitness enthusiasts requires more than just word of mouth. It takes years of lobbying and advocating to change a perspective that has been around for centuries. Thus, these have to be done not only by individuals but companies as well.

That’s why EM Speed & Power Training, a company providing speed, strength, and agility training to athletes, partnered with Pretty Girl Athletics, an activewear brand for female athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


 Pretty Girl Athletics and EM Speed & Power Training: A Perfect Partnership

Pretty Girl Athletics is a company made for young female athletes, by a female athlete.

There is a lack of female activewear that inspires and empowers girls. Due to this, EM Speed & Power Training reached out to Pretty Girl Athletics to bring the brand into its facility. As a result, girls can shop activewear from Pretty Girl Athletics to feel pretty and confident on the training floor.

Pretty Girl Athletics and EM Speed & Power Training know that the pressure to conform to traditionally feminine stereotypes pushes many girls to quit playing sports.

Through this partnership, EM Speed & Power Training and Pretty Girl Athletics aim to empower girls in sports by encouraging them to start or continue training with pride and confidence.


Why Pretty Girl Athletics and EM Speed & Power Training Want to Empower Female Athletes

 Nelson Mandela once said that sports have the power to inspire & unite people, create hope, and speak to the youth. Many years later, his statement remains true.

Sports are an avenue for gender equality and women empowerment. When young girls play sports, they learn all about teamwork and resilience. Consequently, they’ll grow up to be strong, independent women.

Pretty Girl Athletics and EM Speed & Power Training firmly hold onto this belief. Empowering girls is at the heart of both companies, so they’re doing everything they can to make the athletic world a better place for women.


How Company Partnerships Empower Female Athletes

 Top brands have collaborated with other companies to empower female athletes, proving that collective effort is always better than the individual.

By forging long-term partnerships, the advocacies of companies become stronger. They can reach out to more people, create more buzz, and reach greater heights.

These, and more, are what Pretty Girl Athletics and EM Speed & Power Training aspire to achieve.

However, this cannot be done without your help. So let us support those that are using sport to challenge gender stereotypes, empower women & girls, and help them reach their goals.

As the founder of Pretty Girl Athletics puts it, “I want other girls to know that they are more than what others say.”

In an age riddled with inequality and discrimination, girls need to hear and believe in that.